Google Adwords Ads PPC Coaching


Google Adwords Ads PPC Coaching

For whom: You administrate Adwords Accounts and you wish to achieve more know how in order to troubleshoot Adwords (managed accounts possible)?



Do you often wonder if your Google Ads account & campaign set up is correct?

You have awesome products & services but your campaigns do not bring the wanted results?

Your set up seems to be decent, but you can not troubleshoot your campaigns properly?


If you ask yourself those questions, you arrived at the right place: The Sea Magnet coaching


For years we practice Google Ads practice teaching, so you and / or your staff learn a solid account set up and methods how to troubleshoot your campaigns. As usual, most problems have multiple issues “summing up”. 

With a clearer account set up, you are able to prevent budget loss in beginning (turning off auto apply of recommendations is just one example) and be more profitable from the start. 

Our teaching consists of several knowledge blocks, individually applied to your needs. An E-commerce set up makes no sense for a service based company. Those blocks are consisted of:

I) Google Ads: Theoretical approach: What logic does have each campaign type

=> This helps to plan your funnel

II) The Google Versum: Auxiliary Accounts supporting Ads: Analytics, Merchant Center, Tag Manager, Google My Business, Youtube.

=> Tracking is king

III) Google Ads Account & Search Campaign concept

=> Properly set up campaigns that are Keyword based and / or audience based (Dynamic Search Ads, Remarketing etc).

IV) Google Display Netzwork (GDN)

=> Properly set up campaigns. Why do 99% of Display campaigns fail?

V) Google Shopping:

=> Standard vs Smart Shopping. An advanced set up with 7 levels in your account. 

VI) Manage & Troubleshoot Adwords:

How do you discover problems, analyse how to act.

=> Filters are king


This is just a brief selection of topics. In our courses we do ad a lot of more insights and secret tips. 

Feel free to request learnings on special topics. Ask us now!

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