The perfect Google Shopping Campaign structure

Google shopping_Redim

Very often we are being asked, how the perfect Google Shopping infrastructure Looks like.

When working with Google in 2013 in Dublin Ireland, we were part of the Swiss department for Google Shopping introduction. Back then they were still called PLA – Product Listing Ads (anyone else missing “Auto Targets” ?^^).

Approach: When you enter a supermarket, you are submitted to a “sales logic” like fruits and veggies are presented to you first, so you start with something healthy. Followed often by bread.

Google Shopping is the same. You need to submit your products in a certain way (system immanent) to present them properly. After finishing to troubleshoot Product Data Feeds, we often observe that the products appear with no order in the lists. Basically this looks like a garage sales where all products are displayed without any order or structure.

Pre Requirements:

-Campaign priorities are needed if you use different campaigns (Normal, Smart, Dynamic Display) for the same product

-Sometimes it can be good to use 381% Target ROAS In der to reach 400%. If you put 400% you might .miss a lot of “almost” converting clients. Do not forget this is a technical system and there is no AI like Terminator. You must think for it!

-The content quality is EVERYTHING. Pictures, Description (those are your “keywords”) and Datafeed quality are the most important things. You hate capitalized content? Well, Google does too!

-There are so called “custom labels”. If you are a wholeseller, you have “products that cost 10-30€” “30-50” “topsellers””niche products” “summer products” “winter products”.If your feed does not have subdivisons by your own categorization AGAIN subdivised by pricing, how can you ever managehaving more then 10 products?

Google Shopping Structure
Google Shopping Feed Logic (Standard & Smart)

When having additional Levels in your Feed, which you can then use into Google Ads Shopping Campaigns (“Product Groups”) you enable a new workflow: You will recognise much faster unprofitable products, especially when having a high amount of products in your feed.

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