Google AdWords Ads vs Google Analytics Audiences / Remarketing Lists


Google AdWords Ads vs Google Analytics Audiences / Remarketing Lists

A very common question we are being asked is whether Remarketing should be done via Google Adwords Ads Audiences or via Analytics audiences? The answer: Both are legit, because both have a different logic.


Google Ads Remarketing Audiences are meant to be URL / page based. So if a visitor visited a certain page like your product category, your thank you page, your newsletter page etc. the visitor would be added to the list. 

This is very effective in order to retarget page visitors and have those lists quickly available in Google Ads. 


Google Analytics audiences could be doing the same but should be used in a different way, because the amount of Analytics lists is limited!

The basic logic is to profit of the data collected by Google Analytics. 

Therefore you should set up audiences with the logic of “Clients spend over 100€”, “clients that have a page depth of 20”, “clients that have a time spend of over 10 minutes” “clients spend over 200€”. 


So how to set up audiences?


Choose in AdWords your main product categories. Like /product-category 1   /product category2  /ThankYouPage   /NewsletterRegistration etc


In Analytics set up audiences for money spend “>150€”   “>250€” etc.


Why is this vital:

On the start, you will want to work with Google Ads audiences. Later you will have such many people in your audiences, that it can be interesting to focus on people who already spend a certain amount of money (recurring purchasers). 

Final thoughts:

In large accounts you risk to contact again and again people in Google Ads audiences, while through Analytics lists, you could focus on people who buy regulary on your website. 


This is just the basic logic of the lists. Using observation, targeting and time segments is vital to plan in advance, when setting up your audiences. Our satisfied clients, profit of it every day. Ask us how !


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