Google Adwords Display Ads – A quick guide


Google Adwords Display Ads – A quick guide

Text and image ads are presented in the GDN. In contrast to the search network, ONLY the intersection of all options is selected!




=> The more options are added, the less range is achieved!

What are the four “blocks” available?

Keywords: Relevant search terms, very broad. These are much broader than search keywords

Topics: Topics with a very large reach. Should only be used on larger budgets

Placements: Special sites on the Internet (Google Adsense network). For horse blankets, horse blog websites would come into question

Audiences / remarketing lists: Target groups provided by Google or target groups you have recorded yourself (AdWords or Analytics as a source)

A maximum of two out of four building blocks should be used per campaign (otherwise the intersection is too small and the campaign generates only a few impressions). Keywords should always be used.

In most cases, 10-30 keywords and audiences should be added. Topics usually exceed budgets and relevant placements are difficult to find.


There could therefore be several display campaigns per product/service.

Nota Bene: Dynamic remarketing / dynamic display remarketing / shopping remarketing (which uses the shopping datafeed) works best with keywords and the automatic audiences that AdWords/Analytics provide automatically.

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