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GOOGLE ADS & GOOGLE SHOPPING: We have been with it since the product launch in 2013.

We support corporations and medium-sized companies in scaling up by attracting real buyer traffic. Now on 5 continents.


We make this endeavor possible through an advanced account setup.


You have now realized that it is important to identify and reach the right traffic/target group.


Through precisely targeted advertisements you can reach the people who actually buy.


Your business upscaling, your additional profit are our daily goals.


Drive more buyer traffic through your funnel with Google Ads


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André Siebeke Google Shopping Ads & Performance MAX (PMAX)

Andre Siebeke

Agency management
& SEA expert​

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Sea Magnet supports you in scaling up your business through a strong & proven Google Ad strategy. 

This is where all sales begin, whether as an online shop (e-commerce) or a service provider (leadgen).



Mehr Umsatz mit Sea Magnet

Higher Sales

Mehr Kunden mit Sea Magnet

New Clients

Gezielte Reichweite mit Sea Magnet

Focused outreach

Wachstum mit Sea Magnet

Solid Growth


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We put all of our special Google Shopping Ads know-how, which we have developed over the years in our agency, into the success of your campaigns!

This means you have a completely different footing right from the start, a stable foundation. With this campaign set, we will discuss campaign development in regular meetings.

One of our tricks: For Shopping / PMAX create at least custom label 0 and custom label 1 with custom label 2 as an alternative feed control. We show your a simple coherent feed strategy).

Initial contact

During our initial consultation, we will clarify the first points and discuss your goals, expectations and wishes.

We then create a concept and strategy in the form of a roadmap.

This forms the basis of a successful Google Shopping strategy.

The roadmap includes the following KPIs:

Based on our initial contact, we will create an offer for you to set up the Googleverse.

The Setup

Professional campaign setup and optimization is the most important key factor for your success with Google Google Ads.

As an entrepreneur, you take part in the Sea Magnet upscale program.

Using our experience in Google Ads support in Dublin, Ireland (Shopping 2013), we have developed our own strategy here.

Our Google Ads experts analyze your Google Ads account and your associated Analytics accounts.

The campaigns are then adapted to your wishes and specifications and constantly optimized & calibrated based on new data.

The setup receives structure and planning.

Real Caretake

Sie haben keine Zeit oder Lust sich tiefgehender mit Google Shopping Ads zu beschäftigen und suchen einen professionellen Partner für die Kampagnen-Betreuung?


Somit sind wir sicher Ihre Wünsche zu erfüllen. Sie sehen SEA wird für Sie von Sea Magnet wirklich gelebt. 

Dann können wir gerne nach dem erfolgreichen Google Shopping Ads Optimierung die monatliche Betreuung für Ihren Account übernehmen.

Ihre Vorteile:

Sie wollen sich selbst um die Betreuung für Ihren Google Shopping Ads Account kümmern? Kein Problem, wir stellen Ihnen alle nötigen Infos zur Verfügung und gewährleisten eine perfekte Übergabe.

Visibility & Outreach via PMAX are achieved through special product feeds. We are pleased to meet you



Anyone who is familiar with the Internet has the opportunity to create a Google Ads account and start running ads. Our previous customers have shown us that an ill-conceived advertising campaign quickly wastes a lot of money.

Without a precise strategy and research of the right keywords, your ad will automatically be clicked by the wrong target group. Your click budget is wasted without achieving the desired results.

For many users, trying Google Shopping Ads results in incomprehensibly high click costs and without increasing sales or new orders. Today it does not work, how it used to be.

We are a certified Google Shopping Ads agency, who has been crafting Google Ads Accounts, besides optimizing search engine & shopping ads for many years. We constantly monitor your ongoing campaigns, check the data and quickly change the parameters if necessary. This makes it possible to be successful even in highly competitive market segments.

We have proven that we have built large companies from small companies. More from our partners below.

Therefore, we not only save you the  introduction to the complex system, but also financial losses due to unprofitable clicks. We build your account so that you can be successful in the long term.


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SEA strategy analysis

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Extensive support – Google Ads account management

How can SEAMAGNET help
at the Google Ads Optimization?​

We at SEAMAGNET support you in all aspects of Adwords optimization & account management. From setting up your account, the campaigns and choosing the right keywords.

The advantages at a glance

Profit of our many years of experience in managing SEA campaigns

Extensive Service

In the Google Ads Company Setup, different campaign types are possible:


How to conceive & structure Google Shopping (PMAX) Ads correctly? Please leave your telephone number and we will arrange an initial strategy consultation. Of course, the conversation is free.

Due to high demand, we are currently only responding to requests that contain a meaningful description of your business and information about the current status of Google Ads.

André Siebeke von Sea Magnet

Andre Siebeke

Managing Director & Google Ads expert

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